It may have changed it’s name from City vs Country, but the annual clash continues under a new moniker: East Metropolitan Vs West Metropolitan. Players selected from Sydney Uni and UTS will represent East Metro while Macquarie Uni and TAFE NSW Polecats players will represent West Metro.

This year the match will be played at Penrith Stadium on Saturday 7 July and with the NSW Tertiary Rep Team undertaking an historic tour to India in September, it will serve as the primary selection trial for this squad.

The India touring squad will be announced immediately after the match.

East Metropolitan Team

  1. Tom Windeatt (UTS)
  2. Owen Anderson (Syd Uni)
  3. Micah Vaki-Leong (UTS)
  4. Troy Gardan (Syd Uni)
  5. Meli Katia (UTS)
  6. Jake Vrahnos (Syd Uni)
  7. Brady Webb (UTS)
  8. Kurt Lewis (Syd Uni)
  9. Tommy Sarangaya (UTS)
  10. Sofeni Tuapo (UTS)
  11. Myles Fowler (Syd Uni)
  12. Johno Pararoulas (UTS)
  13. Jade Ferguson (Syd Uni)
  14. Ash Johnson (Syd Uni)
  15. Nick Kairouz (Syd Uni)
  16. Adam Vrahnos (Syd Uni)
  17. Harry King (UTS)
  18. Toby Lei (Syd Uni)
  19. Max Linden-Smith (Syd Uni)

Coach: Matt Olsen (UTS)

West Metropolitan

  1. Cyrus Murray (Tafe NSW)
  2. Lawrence Maroon (Mac Uni)
  3. Gabe Farley (Mac Uni)
  4. Mitch King (Tafe NSW)
  5. Mick Klapsogiannis (Tafe NSW)
  6. Alex Eastman (Mac Uni)
  7. Brad Stevenson (Mac Uni)
  8. Matt Henman (Mac Uni)
  9. Luke Prestons (Mac Uni)
  10. Jordan Paranihi (Tafe NSW)
  11. Corey Stewart (Mac Uni)
  12. Jake Williams (Tafe NSW)
  13. Josh Gooley (Mac Uni)
  14. Tim Curley (Tafe NSW)
  15. Ryan Archer (Mac Uni)
  16. Raymond Eid (Mac Uni)
  17. Luthua Topou (Tafe NSW)
  18. Joseph Mapasua (Tafe NSW)
  19. Bruce Faufili (Tafe NSW)

Coach: Mark Blinkhorne (Mac Uni)