For the 2015 season the Tertiary Student Rugby League will operate two divisions of senior football, involving clubs from Canberra, Newcastle and sides from the Sydney metropolitan area.

This year the League welcomes another team from the ACT, the UC Grizzlies, to the 2nd Division competition and will introduce the John McMartin Challenge trophy, to be contested in 1st Division. The challenge will work on the basis that the trophy will be held by the home team and the visiting team will challenge for it, if the visitors win the game they take the trophy with them to hold until challenged at their next home game. Whilst the holder will be required to put the trophy up for challenge at all home games, they can also offer it up for challenge at an away match, but if they lose the match it stays with the winning home team. Initially, as 2014 premiers, the trophy will be held by UTS Tigers and put up for challenge at their first home game of the season. The team that holds the trophy at the last competition game of the regular season will be the declared.

Of course the two main premiership trophies remain, the 1st Division Tertiary Championship Shield and the 2nd Division Bill Buckley Memorial Cup.

The best club in the league will be awarded the Paul Webb Club Championship Trophy, whilst for the competition’s pre-season tournament, teams will compete in the Tertiary Nines for the Arnold Stehr Trophy.

To find out more about each of these competitions please click on the links below:

Arnold Stehr Trophy: Tertiary Nines

Tertiary Championship: First Division
Bill Buckley Memorial Trophy: Second Division
Paul Webb Trophy: Club Championship